The customer is always right.

This might sound old-fashioned, but even post-digital revolution, it still rings true. Today’s users expect seamless, frictionless digital experiences optimized to their needs and use patterns. And the companies that are able to deliver against these user demands are the ones that win – in terms of loyalty, conversions, reputation, and revenue.

We believe that good UX is the starting point for a stronger, healthier business. That’s why we place such emphasis on creating exceptional user experiences – incorporating user feedback and analysis at every step of our process to optimize the performance of our solutions and deliver ROI for our clients. Read on to learn more about our UX process.

Design Thinking:

Design thinking is about creating innovative solutions based on the real needs of people. Through this methodology, we help our clients:

Our clients report that this approach breathes life into staid technical and project-specific objectives – making them immediate, relatable, and more easily shared within their organizations.

Empathic UX:


While development is the ruling element of a conventional approach, under design thinking, our lead is empathy. Instead of starting with assumptions about  “what the product needs to do” we start by examining “what do users want/need/feel from this product”. We then implement this user-centered thinking as a touchstone throughout the development lifecycle. By putting the end User Experience (UX) and all stakeholders first, we help our partners create successful solutions that delight users and deliver bottom-line impact.



We develop responsive, high-quality solutions that are built to perform today, tomorrow and designed for flexibility far into the future. For example:

  • We work within an agile framework so we can react to users needs and quickly release features when users demand them.
  • Our continuous development pipeline helps minimize user downtime as we push new features and fixes.
  • We design for scalability, so that UX isn’t impacted by a growing number of users.
  • Our solutions are engineered to be tolerant of downtime (they can be designed for online/offline availability).

All of these performance features combine to create a seamless, frictionless user experience that scales with the business needs.

Over the past 8+ years, DVmobile, has delivered exceptional user experiences across a wide variety of markets – from healthcare to retail to manufacturing. We’ve partnered with our clients to expand into new markets, improve the quality of their services and make lasting impacts in the lives of their customers. See the case studies below to see some of this work in action: