Virtual Scribe Service for Healthcare Providers

Skywriter MD is a Virtual Scribe service that simplifies physician workflow by delegating the administrative burden of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to “skywriters”. 

DVmobile partnered with Skywriter MD to design and deploy a HIPAA compliant large scale custom WebRTC video conferencing  solution v2.0, including Cloud Architecture, Enterprise iPad and Web Clients.


  • Simplified workflow, tailored to the different types of user personas
  • Streamlined User Interface (UI)
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen sharing

Design Process

At DVmobile, we focus strongly on the initial 15% of the project - the most critical insights and decisions happen here. Understanding our Client's needs, customers and structure is the first step.

design ecosystem



1. Understanding the the user personas and the overall project context. We mapped the existing applications' screen flows as a way to understand the User Experience in order to improve and simplify it.


2. Designing the interaction by reimagining the screen flows for a simpler, straight-forward User Experience that is tailored to the different user personas.


3. UI mockups that explain branding, colors, placement of elements and other useful information to developers.


Get the SkywriterMD app for iPad


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