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How Do We Engage?

Whether it's tailoring our proven enterprise solutions or designing custom software, we deliver capabilities that transform, grow and fit your business. Our success is based, in part, on an approach that leverages three complementary components: Design, Technology, and Frameworks. We employ industry-leading software design methodologies, coupled with deep knowledge of cloud and mobile technologies plus pre-built, reusable frameworks that accelerate application development. 

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Software Design

Our process leverages years of collective software development and project management experience. It embraces proven methodologies from diverse fields, including Manufacturing, Industrial Design, and Design Thinking.

We consciously implement Design as a constant throughout the lifecycle. While Development is usually the ruling element of a conventional approach, our lead is Empathic Design. This puts the end User Experience (UX) and all stakeholders first. It is the powerful driving element that determines and gives meaning to technical and project specific objectives, and shapes overall success.

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cloud architecture

Cloud Architecture

Through the use of Agile computing solutions from platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, we provide integrated cloud solutions that decrease time to market and improve capabilities.

Cloud computing services enable serverless future-proof infrastructure, powerful analytics, machine learning, collaboration, mobility, and more - reducing the demands of framework management for end-users and enabling flexibility and performance.

App Development

We create exceptional end-to-end experiences, with a theme of improving quality of life.  We consistently embrace new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing market. We have our finger on the pulse of rapidly changing technologies, and embrace solutions that engage users and demonstrate bottom line value.

DVmobile provides Enterprise Application Development expertise to support exponential business performance, leveraging Cloud-based SaaS, scalable MicroServices architecture development, and performance-oriented APIs. Our team unites DevOps principles with LEAN and scaled Agile methodologies to enable continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

Our client app development includes front-end to back-end custom solutions, including Mobile, Web, IoT, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery begins with small teams, working to deliver discrete product functions. Product managers work closely with technical and operational teams to monitor KPIs and deliver real-time user feedback, enabling iterative improvements to be delivered rapidly. Automated testing improves efficiency, and limited releases of new features to select user groups enable the execution of Lean experiments while minimizing overall risks, as issues can be quickly resolved, by fixing forward fast, without significant impact on the user experience. 

Benefits of continuous delivery are rapidly accelerated speed-to-market of products and product updates, reduced costs and risks, and greatly enhanced customer relationships as products are constantly improved.

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