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Patagonia is a high-end outdoor clothing brand, based in Ventura, California. It's fleeces, rain jackets and coats are some of the most popular products in the outdoor apparel industry. Patagonia has received several awards for its quality and for its support in environmental causes. 

DVmobile partnered with CenterStone Technologies, an iconic leader in B2B e-commerce, to create iVMobile, a custom iOS iPad mobile platform for the implementation of its catalog app for wholesale retailers.

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CenterStone Technologies has a proven track record and is the "industry standard" and solution of choice for a host of other top brands in apparel and footwear markets. Patagonia's catalogs are now available for wholesalers through the iVMobile platform.


Sales Reps have access via their iPads to the latest Patagonia catalogs and massive databases. All pertinent information needed to create shipments, edit orders, auto size, and finalize a sale is available at their fingertips even in the initial meeting. This makes for happy customers all around - paperless retail management at its best.  

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iVmobile's features

  • Catalog selection
  • Order History
  • Inventory descriptions of colors, sizes, quantities, etc. 
  • Create and save custom Product Views


One of the unique features of Patagonia B2B and iVmobile is the ability for users to create customized views with different layouts, where they create their own selection of product from the general catalog pool. These views can contain several pages, and be saved as .PDF or printed.

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Technical features

  • Custom iOS application
  • Scales to thousands of users and millions in sales
  • Integrates with CenterStone Technologies' iVendix
  • Integrates major brands for retail sales via mobile

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DVmobile is a Colorado Company.

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