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With The One Moment Company®, founder and author Martin Boroson has helped more than half a million people get started in meditation, reduce stress quickly and experience the power of just one moment of focused attention. 

The One-Moment Meditation® App for iOS, Apple Watch and Android helped Martin reach his users exactly when they could use a moment - when they are on the go. 

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Martin Boroson collaborated with DVmobile to bring his acclaimed method and book to life. By capturing the simplicity and ease of his approach for quick meditation, this app effortlessly teaches his techniques with timed exercises. 

Thousands of busy people have started meditating with One-Moment Meditation® and have rated it with  5 stars in the iTunes App Store.


The app makes it easier than ever to follow Martin's method of short meditations that require no time, as it guides users through every step and sends friendly reminders in the most appropriate times. Custom animation gives life to this simple yet engaging app, and users can share it on social media.

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With One-Moment Meditation®, over one million people have learned that they really can meditate.
Anytime, anywhere...

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Technical Features

  • Custom iOS, WatchOS and Android applications.
  • Custom animation.
  • Infusionsoft integration for newsletter/mail list.
  • iBooks integration.
  • Social Networks integration.
  • Notification reminders, with control over their settings such as randomize and what time of day to receive them.
  • DVpush message broadcasting service.

Design Process: Apple Watch

DVmobile pioneered into designing a User Experience for Apple Watch. OMM was one of the first available apps for this revolutionary new platform, which came with challenges from the Design perspective. Foreseeing behaviors and quickly adapting to new specifications was key for a delivery that matched the public launch of Apple Watch.

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A new User Experience

New ways of interaction and hardware limitations lead to rethinking UX flows. 

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Pioneering Animation for Watch

In OMM, animation is key. Although challenging, we found the way to exceed expectations by delivering a UX that pushed the boundaries of what is possible.



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