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The Five Steps

Our design principles are based on User-Centered Design and Design Thinking, methodologies that originated in the practice of Industrial Design. Their objective is to create innovative solutions based on the real needs of people. Since the users of digital products are humans like the consumers of physical products, these methodologies are just as valuable and applicable for software design and development.

We have taken the 5 conventional steps of Design Thinking and related them to phases of Agile software development in order to bridge the gap between designers and engineers, as the iterative process takes place through our phases of Inception, Construction, and Transition:

empathic design 5 steps and agile development

Compare each step of Design as it follows similar goals in parallel to Agile; from accurately capturing the initial requirements by active listening and discovery — to prototyping and measuring how far is the proposed solution from the center of the target.

The following diagrams dig deeper into each step as they follow the example of the design and development process for a Voice-activated Home Automation iOS app:

user experience step 1 empathize
user experience step 2 define
user experience step 3 ideate
user experience step 4 prototype
user experience step 5 measure


Designing new interactions

Read further about DVmobile's partnership with Nortek Security & Control to design new horizons in UX and the technical details of the Voice Home Automation project.

Rapid Prototyping

The ability to quickly validate concepts is as critical in Agile software development as in the design of any product. Prototyping allows for exploration and comprehensive understanding of not only the breadth of emerging technologies, but how they can be effectively combined in a way that uniquely suits the business.

Focusing on a scaled Agile approach provides the internal confidence to lead and implement change efficiently and successfully. Further, the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery models enable teams to deploy quickly and iteratively to build on what is working and address issues with a fix-it-forward methodology.

scaled Agile diagram
rapid app design prototyping

See statistics and benefits of Rapid Prototyping in our infographic, fill the form to download it.


Without a doubt, modern software development is unimaginable without Design Thinking. At DVmobile we continue to polish our design expertise and embrace the "designer's attitude": employing empathy, teamwork, and quick failure to learn more about our clients, stakeholders, and end users.

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