Nortek 2GIG is a world-class security device riding cutting-edge technology that offers seamless home security to millions and millions of homes and businesses. It is built and delivered by Norton Control; the leading market producer of AI-powered home and business security products.

Nortek 2GIG comes in an automated panel, silky in shape with control analytical features. It is user-friendly and accepts facial recognition with quick functionalities that enable easier user interaction. As a product designed to help curb much insecurity at home and on business premises, Nortek 2GIG is wired with Bluetooth capabilities to enable touchless and facial recognition to disarm. These features have been synchronized and streamlined to operate with almost zero human interaction.

Nortek 2GIG is also programmed to allow easy installation and setup. The support features are moderate, accessible, and compatible with many applications.
Like other security products Nortek Control has produced, this security solution operates on AI, data analytics, Numera, and fall detection capability. It has data privacy features and advanced security controls to protect customers from data leakages and mismanagement. Nortek 2GIG has built-in 2-dimensional audio, camera, radio antennae, and sensors to generate alerts of any hardware malfunction.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies like Google Assistant, Siri, and Echo from Amazon have been integrated into the product to give users a voice control experience.
AI-powered video cameras are erected on the doors as a closed-circuit TV to give you all-rounded feeds at a go. The security technology designed on this product is from end to end and has the capability to stream live video feeds from any distance. Both audio and video features have wonderful effects and noise removal adapters running on high-end fast-speed processors.
Nortek 2GIG, your safety, and protection are prioritized and guaranteed. Its interactive panel allows you to monitor and control security activities at your home or business effectively and consistently.