Smart Panels for Home Security

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Nortek is a global, diversified industrial company that is parent of several brands that design and manufacture technology-driven solutions for lifestyle improvement at home and at work. One of such brands is 2GIG, the #1 home security and automation platform in the industry.

DVmobile partnered with Nortek’s 2GIG team to develop a Wireless Secondary Security Touchscreen to complement their GC3 wall panel Security & Control System. The device is mass produced in China.

sp2 home security companion device

Technical Summary


  • IoT Smart Panel development using Android Marshmallow
  • COSU (Corporate Owned Single Use) specifications.  
  • Included Device Policy Controller (DPC) for firmware updates:
    • Over-the-air
    • USB
  • Resulting product device mass produced in China.
  • Connects using WiFi or GC3 Access Point
  • One-touch arming
  • At-a-glance system status
  • Chime for open sensor
  • Bypass open zones


    turning generic android device into specific cosu application

    proprietary device factory

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