Evolve or be left behind.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are under extreme pressure to evolve quickly. Competitors harnessing disruptive technologies can rapidly out-pace and out-scale existing business models, and ever-accelerating technological advancement can quickly make IT solutions and infrastructure obsolete.

If your organization is caught between a mandate to evolve and the need to preserve and maintain current functionality and business process requirements, DVmobile can help.

We have deep expertise helping organizations modernize their applications – from engineering complete digital transformations to migrating applications to cloud to refactoring legacy solutions. Read on to learn more:

Technology Risk Assessment

Digital transformation begins with a technology assessment, understanding current business drivers and risks, and creating an execution plan. 

We determine which technologies will give you the best ROI for your business.  We provide curated technologies and best-of-class tools to leverage disruptive technologies and minimize project risks.  We help you transition from one generation to the next with the least amount of pain and cost.

Digital Transformations

85% of enterprise decision makers feel that they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads on their digital transformations or they will suffer financially and fall behind their competitors.

DVmobile helps organizations transform their business models--more specifically, helping them get from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to be).  Technology is changing continuously and very rapidly; however, it must be driven by business objectives and goals.  The most common business drivers include:

  • New Market Expansion and Revenue Generation
  • Cost Reduction and Streamlining
  • Customer Demands

Any one of these may provide the impetus for modernizing an existing application.  In fact there are many mature businesses today that still have a significant number of paper-based processes.  However, a paper-to-digital transformation is inevitable and required to remain competitive in almost any market.

We’ve helped our clients with transformations of their workflows, processes and technology, and in turn, dramatically improve the performance and productivity of their businesses.

Cloud Replatforming

Migrating applications to the cloud (a.k.a. Replatforming) enables organizations to scale more easily, reduce costs, and take advantage of new services that could not be imagined before.  This enables Agility--the ability to act and react quickly and iteratively to changing environments or moving goalposts, keeping you toe-to-toe with new acceleration of change in your industry. DVmobile has expertise in multiple public cloud services, including the top three: AWS, GCP, and Azure.

DVmobile partners with clients to identify which infrastructure is right for their business model and needs, and then defines a migration path for their applications to the Cloud. As a result, our clients are able capitalize on the advanced agility that public cloud services provide, better manage IT resources and consequently, better serve their clients.


Refactoring Legacy Systems


Many businesses opt to modernize legacy systems through a software rewrite, but these can be fraught with challenges, cost overruns and project cancellation risks.

DVmobile uses a "systematic refactoring" approach that minimizes upfront risk and focuses on defining and migrating incremental pieces of functionality. In this way, customers can modernize in a systematic way, more quickly and inexpensively, effectively validate assumptions and reduce overall project risk, without the risk of large flash cut-overs.

DVmobile helps businesses evolve by designing, replatforming, and rewriting custom applications with an eye on the future.