The DVmobile Team are experts at mobile & web application design, development and deployment.  

Where mobile meets the cloud is what we call the "Mobile Cloud", it's our area of expertise and distinction at DVmobile. This isn't something we consider an afterthought or add-on to a traditional website.  Our solutions fundamentally improve the way you interact with your customers.  We help our clients - and we can help you - build lasting and highly productive real-time customer relationships.  Our work is about improving the quality of life of our clients' customers.

Mobile applications are only valuable if they result in better business.  Our clients are more successful in working with us to create the competitive edge and allowing innovation with a fast turnaround time.  Our clients' customers are more productive, more engaged, and more sticky.  Talk about a win-win.  Here's what we mean by having an impact:

  • We built a state-of-the-art scanning technology to provide ready access to information via mobile devices, now leveraged by industry giants like Toyota, L'Oreal, and Condé Nast.
  • A high-end apparel business has partnered with us to create mobile applications in support of 50 leading sports brands, improving their customers' ability to engage and invest in quality apparel.
  • A leader in the construction industry is revolutionizing how companies communicate and collaborate with their business partners in real-time, with thousands of documents being shared seamlessly.


Glimpse of steps in our Inception phase for a project:

1) Bluetooth Beacon device research.

2) Idea generation.

3) Mind-maps and diagrams.

4) Interaction System Design.

5) On-screen mockup.


Custom Mobile Apps and Plugins

We create exceptional end-to-end mobile experiences, with a theme of improving quality of life.  We consistently embrace new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing IOS, Android, and Mobile Web market. We have our finger on the pulse of the mobile industry, and embrace technologies that engage users and demonstrate bottom line value.

We build Custom Native Mobile Apps for:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch)
  • Android (Phones and Tablets)

We also build Mobile Plugins for iOS and Android platforms.  A plugin is application functionality that can be easily integrated into others' Mobile Apps.  This provides the potential to scale distribution and deployment of your application exponentially.  10,000 Apps can have your plugin inside them, enabling your reach to more (potentially millions) users than with just one App.