"DVmobile has been a key partner to Aptos as we took on IT Modernization and DevOps efforts.  We started with a Technology Assessment and followed on with a number of strategic sessions for migrating applications to the Cloud.  Throughout, they have provided diligent and cogent advice and with their leadership we have made tangible steps toward continuous delivery."

— Mike Verdeyen, CTO, Aptos

IT Modernization: Get Ahead

DVmobile partners with our clients to not just keep up with market and technology trends, but to go beyond the competition. Disruptive technologies have enabled industry newcomers to leapfrog ahead of existing players. We provide proven processes and frameworks to support rapid modernization and solve IT modernization challenges.


Systematic IT Modernization is a strategy for deploying IT infrastructure and applications in a timely manner that effectively meets business growth demands. Legacy system transformation begins with a technology assessment, understanding current business drivers and risks, and creating an execution plan to achieve those goals. The result may be migrating operations to the cloud or an roadmap for new product and service development.


Software and technology transformation is complex.  A solid roadmap or blueprint is needed to ensure success from the start.  DVblueprint is a transformation framework based on expert best-practices that combines modern software development methodologies, such as LEAN, with proven software tools.  We advocate moving toward a DevOps culture, focused on continuous improvement, LEAN principles and building a collaborative workshop culture.  


Technology is hard to keep up with — even moreso if you are in IT.  We help figure out which technologies are going to give you the best ROI for your business.  We stay current and have curated a set of technologies that provide best-of-class tools to leverage disruptive technologies and minimize project risks.  The best part is we help you transition from one generation to the next with the least amount of pain and cost.


By focusing on minimum requirements and iterative improvements based on user feedback, our solutions are successful and scalable. The results can be astounding, in terms of increasing speed-to-market and decreasing costs.


App migration

Refactoring & moving legacy applications into the Cloud


Reliable mobile POS kiosks and B2B sales order optimization

SaaS development

Building SaaS product & service from the ground up