IoT Solutions

At its core, the highest-value potential of IoT solutions is all about capturing data — real-time data that enables automation, analytics, and machine learning. Taking advantage of device-transmitted information using Analytics and Data Science capabilities, DVmobile transforms everyday workflows in compelling ways — from enhanced user experiences to improved safety and compliance. DVmobile develops custom IoT solutions that improve quality of life, while managing the complex integrations of emerging technologies.

Ecosystem Design


In any ecosystem, its components or members are interconnected in a complex network of relations. They all share and compete for resources and information, and they depend on each other. They form a hierarchy and a chain. Like natural ecosystems, each member plays a role in the big picture. 

The revolution we are experiencing right now is that appliances and devices in our homes that were once isolated, blind, deaf, and mute, are now able to talk to each other and share what they do and know. 

We no longer design in a closed, simple system—we now need to account for the myriad Things communicating, collaborating, and competing. Excellent ecosystem UX design ultimately marks the difference between those Things that survive and those that go extinct.

Smart Device: Solutions for Business

Corporate-owned, single use (COSU)

smart devices ubiquitous in cities

If you have used a self-service kiosk, or followed instructions from a screen, you have interacted with smart panels. A smart panel is a specific-purpose, touch screen device which can be deployed at a very low cost by leveraging commodity mobile devices or corporate-owned, single-use (COSU) technology. As screens become increasingly pervasive, it is becoming more common for business processes and everyday activities to involve micro-interactions with hyper-focused devices.

Devices don’t take lunch breaks — they can be available 24/7 and can operate from anywhere. COSU enables enterprise mobility so that tasks specific to business functions can be remote and secure. These highly focused digital operations save processing time, procurement and storage costs, as well as provide friendly engagement to your target audience.

DVmobile turns smart devices into business assets while providing the infrastructure and analysis you need to have a fully integrated solution:   

  • Architect and develop your source data environment.
  • Rapidly deploy your business solution to the devices best suited for your solution.
  • Implement best practices for Design Thinking & empathetic UX/UI development.
  • Architect and develop actionable insights.
smart devices for healthcare


Patient Management
Hospital Management
EMR Solutions
Medical Device

smart devices for engineering manufacturing

Manufacturing and Engineering

Smart Home
Smart Business
Inventory and Safety Monitoring

smart devices for retail


Point of Sale
Inventory Management

Dashboards & Analytics: Actionable Data Engineering 


The emergence and convergence of mega technological evolutions and revolutions have given rise to unfathomable amounts of unstructured data. Handled correctly, this data can provide insights to drive Digital Transformations. Opportunities to transform the Enterprise using data engineering, data science, and analytics span the entire business:

  • Automate the collection and analysis of essential consumer behavior data.
  • Enhance customer touch points, like personalized apps and mobile kiosks.
  • Improve operational processes, such as streamlining sales order capture.


In an industry of rapidly changing technologies such as software development, we keep our finger on the pulse and embrace solutions that best engage users and demonstrate bottom line value to our clients and their customers.