DVmobile designs IoT ecosystems and integrates proximity beacons into existing applications.


"Proximity beacon technology applications are unlimited, the impact: dramatic."


Proximity beacon technology is rapidly emerging as a powerful way to engage customers and enable value-add contextual services. Proximity beacons, a.k.a. iBeacons, are one of the first big waves of Internet of Things (IoT). We are now entering a period of pervasively connected hardware and smart software innovation.


By 2018, the number of IoT devices shipped will exceed the number of mobile phones shipped—that’s over 2 Billion units per year, and growing.



How do proximity beacons work?

Download our Whitepaper to learn more about proximity beacon technology, how it works, and applications for using it.

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Proximity Solutions for your Business


DVmobile develops custom Proximity and IoT solutions, specializing in Industrial applications.  For example, we are currently developing a Construction Safety product in partnership with Hensel Phelps, a leading Design Build firm.

Beacon Hardware

DVmobile is a partner developer with Qualcomm / Gimbal and also Estimote beacons.  We are constantly evaluating new hardware for industrial applications.

Application: Safety Compliance for Construction

  • Safety on job sites is critical
  • Safety compliance saves lives
  • Safety compliance reduces insurance liability cost
  • DVsafety enables easy safety compliance management of subcontractors
  • Beacons ensure physical presence, enabling audit tracking