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Hurley is a California-based multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and markets surf apparel worldwide. Since 2002 it is owned by Nike. 

DVmobile partnered with CenterStone Technologies, an iconic leader in B2B e-commerce, to create iVMobile, a custom iOS iPad mobile platform for the implementation of its catalog app for wholesale retailers.



WHO: Enterprise-level direct B2B wholesale e-commerce platform.

CHALLENGE: Develop an iPad version of iVendix that integrates with CenterStone Technologies' products and offers a round user experience across platforms.


SOLUTION: Deep experience in iOS native development and e-commerce platforms. Reusable application that can be white-labeled for CenterStone Technologies' many customers' brands.

IMPACT: CenterStone Technologies has become the "industry standard" and solution of choice for a host of other top brands in apparel and footwear markets. Hurley's catalogs are now available for wholesalers through the iVMobile platform.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance



Visit Hurley's and CenterStone Technologies' websites for further information:

Hurley's Official Website

CenterStone Technologies' Website

CenterStone Technologies' Overview of iV Mobile





  • Access to the latest Hurley catalogs and massive databases
  • Catalog selection
  • Order History
  • Product photos and Inventory descriptions of colors, sizes, quantities, etc. 
  • Create and save custom Product Views
  • Create customized views with different layouts
  • Create customized selections of product from the general catalog pool.
  • PDF-export or print customized sub-catalogs

Design Process

DVmobile and CenterStone Technologies are constantly working together to improve the iV Mobile platform, always following a clear Design Process:

Feedback from users > New Feature request > Concept wireframe > Mockup > Implementation




  • Native iOS / SWIFT / Objective-C
  • Integration with iVendix

colorado company

DVmobile is a Colorado Company.

Sales reps have access via their iPads to the latest Hurley catalogs and massive databases. All pertinent information needed to create shipments, edit orders, auto size, and finalize a sale is available at their fingertips even in the initial meeting. This makes for happy customers all around - paperless retail management at its best.  

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