Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation is occurring across all industries in diverse and dynamic ways. As organizations incorporate disruptive mega-technologies into their workflows and processes, business performance increases dramatically.

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Cloud Migration & Replatforming  

Moving Custom Apps to the Cloud

Migrating operations to the Cloud enables organizations to act and react quickly and iteratively to changing environments or moving goalposts, keeping you toe-to-toe with new acceleration of change in your industry. Taking advantage of public Cloud infrastructure services such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) can also save your IT team resources time and money.

We implement quickly and test rigorously. Based on automated app migration testing and user feedback, we push iterative improvements. Expanding iteratively on successes is the most efficient way to create scalable solutions and deliver exponential value.

Enterprise Application Development  

Developing Cloud-Native Apps 

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Our solutions fundamentally improve the way you interact with your customers. We help our clients - and we can help you - build lasting and highly productive real-time customer relationships. Our work is about improving the quality of life of our clients' customers.

We measure success by force of impact:

  • We built a state-of-the-art scanning technology to provide ready access to information via mobile devices, now leveraged by industry giants like Toyota, L'Oreal, and Condé Nast.
  • A high-end apparel business has partnered with us to create mobile applications in support of 50 leading sports brands, improving their customers' ability to engage and invest in quality apparel.
  • A leader in the construction industry is revolutionizing how companies communicate and collaborate with their business partners in real-time, with thousands of documents being shared seamlessly.

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Actionable Data Engineering 

The emergence and convergence of mega technological evolutions and revolutions have given rise to unfathomable amounts of unstructured data. Handled correctly, this data can provide insights to drive Digital Transformations. Opportunities to transform the Enterprise using data engineering, data science, and analytics span the entire business:

  • Automate the collection and analysis of essential consumer behavior data.
  • Enhance customer touch points, like personalized apps and mobile kiosks.
  • Improve operational processes, such as streamlining sales order capture.