The core business of surveys is to gather insights and information from how users use products to their experiences and analyze data into valuable pieces. A smarter survey should have abilities to ingest and make sense of the data collected for future inferences. The question “what is the smart survey way” depicts design methods of creating, acquiring, and analyzing data. We can break these methods further:

  1. Creating –design a survey product that will get to users quickly and easily. To ingest their responses and views using customized questions and other variable methods.
  2. Collection –smart surveys must use inherent distribution tools such as (emails, SMS invites, offline capture, web exits, and kiosk mode) on their websites. Your website design must quickly be able to send, share and track your survey.
  3. Analysis –smart surveys must analyze and populate valuable data for you. You will get instant insights into the data with inferences for better decision-making. Smart surveys also have visual dashboards with tools to filter, customize charts, and features for creating, saving, and sharing the outcomes.
  4. Automation – survey smarter with appropriate automation technologies. Right automation tools can you design interactive website applications with features to prepopulate surveys with default answers. Your design must be able to integrate with smarter APIs to generate workflow of surveys sent on specific functions.
  5. Collaboration –a smarter way to survey is to involve everyone. Let your employees and customers participate in your surveys. Obtain consistent results from questions and specific surveys, and enable user access controls to ensure all participants are compliant with the survey exercise.
  6. Security –design a smarter survey platform that is secure. Elevate account securities with control features such as IP address restrictions, SSO options, strong password policies, and multifactor authentication methods.

In general, smart survey applications must be able to integrate these methods of collecting insights from users’ opinions and experiences. The product design must leverage new technologies for quick and efficient responses. All these facets of design answer the “what is the smart survey way?” question.