Since the invention of the Apple watch in 2015, Apple has invented new software and hardware to support as many apps as possible. The following are the top 3 reasons to build an Apple Watch App:

  1. Apple WatchKit

The Watchkit is a platform you can use to develop the watchOS app. It provides developers with a framework to manage background instances of a program, runtime sessions, and intents of Siri using the extension delegate feature. It helps users solve issues experienced with app usage by collecting usage stats from their AppleWatches. The design of your apps can also be supported by the Watchkit, linking it up with the user interface controller in the storyboard. As a good practice, build your apps with SwiftUI and get more options to manage the user interface.

  1. Apple WatchOS

You can also create AppleWatch apps with unique features of watchOS. The operating system uses an Always-on Retina display to allow your apps and other related data to be seen distantly on the watch face regardless of light mode. It also allows you to push your apps to Bluetooth devices and present them on the watch face via your complication and display information function. With watchOS, you can send alerts to users based on their movement using the region-based user notification feature.

  1. Apple Tools and Resources

There are so many tools and resources you can use to develop the AppleWatch app. The Health kit allows you to get data about your app from the watch background and display them in your complications. AssistTouch lets users interact with your app with zero navigation on your AppleWatch. SwiftUI Canvas API provides developers with programmatic fabric for designing. You can also use Xcode in your app development in watchOS.

These are the 3 main reasons to build an apple watch app: the WatchKit, watchOS, tools, and resources.