Like any new product, the apple watch didn’t blow up the market at first, though with granular modifications and the addition of new Smart technologies, today it is one of the best-selling gadgets in the world. It has Smart functions to monitor our pulses when moving or exercising with hi-tech sensors that measure our heartbeats. It is classy and elegant in design and colors, a match-fit product for this generation.

Now let’s talk about the Apple Watch evolution.

The release of the Apple watch in 2015, was the beginning of the tremendous innovation that changed the industry. The Smartwatch was called Series 0. Apple established an efficient approach of design thinking in sync with other technologies used to modify the pilot Apple watch to fit the changing market conditions. The features of the watch are unique (rectangular shape, OLED display, taptic engine, watchOS interface, sensors, 38mm/42mm sizes, activity rings, and long-lasting battery). The watchOS is compatible with third-party applications at retail prices. However, the first Apple Watch had some flaws in performance that killed its gist; its Smart capabilities were slow and incoherent from what the user wanted.

However, Apple improved on these problems to build and release the Apple Watch Series 1 in early 2016. Apple watch evolution was now gaining moment; the processing power of the newly launched watch was boosted to a dual-core processor, fixing the speed issues experienced in the pilot phase of the product.

More features were to Apple watch series 2 in September 2016 (GPS sensors, water-resistant, breath app, and brighter OLED display). Users’ experiences got better with the ability to swim with their water-resistant watches, while the breather app feature helped users take enough rest from their active schedules.

Apple Watch Series 3 hit the markets in 2017 with cognitive features such as Siri and barometer, increased processor speeds, and RAM with the ability to tap LTE mobile signal using eSIM.

The Apple watch designers have continued to improve on their products and are riding on a steady course of innovation to release more and more series of apple watches(Series 4| Series 5|Series 6|Watch SE| Series 7| with unique characteristics to improve our lives

Apple Watch evolution has had a remarkable journey to develop smartwatches from the pilot, to a brighter, faster with new AI capabilities, to one that allows you to walk phoneless, to one with health features (fall detection, emergency SOS and ECG generation).