What is IoT and how does it help improve our quality of life? IoT referred to as the internet of things, is a network of devices with sensors and programs that interlink to exchange data online. Exchanged data is then collected and analyzed by the analytic tools in the IoT platforms. Then it recommends measures to be taken to improve the quality of services we get from the public and private facilities. Opportunities for accessible IoT in electronic devices of all kinds- from fitness gadgets with sensors that count your heartbeat and body steps, self-driving vehicles that automatically pinpoints objects on their way, to smart microwave that prepares meals for the correct duration. Sports like connected tennis, basketball, and football use IoT to monitor the motion and use the collected data to train later.

Opportunities for accessible IoT in Transport

An example of how connected devices operate in IoT is a car. It’s an opportunity that people can use to get their motor vehicles fixed smartly without taking their cars to the garage. When your car breaks down due to engine failures, while you urgently want it fixed, the sensors caused the alarm on your car dashboard will instantly link up with other cars. The diagnostic bus will get together data from all the car sensors in the network and move it to the broken car via a link that communicates with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will immediately help you get a perfect spare part from their business partners nearby by processing the data he received from the connected devices.

Opportunities for accessible IoT in Agriculture

There are technologies in the world that have made access to data and information possible. In agriculture, a farmer can get instant feeds at distant places from his farm with IoT technologies. The connected devices can collect information of all sorts like the moisture of soil, the acidity levels, the condition of his livestock, weather conditions, and security levels around his farm. This data is passed over to the farmer in an accessible format for implementation with recommendations for improvement on areas of weakness.

Opportunities accessible in IoT in Healthcare

Before the onset of IoT, medical provision and care were ad hoc. It was costly and time-wasting; the interaction between doctors and patients was in-person visitations, messages, and telephone calls. However, the connected devices have helped doctors monitor patients remotely while patients receive adequate attention and care in real-time. IoT managed to remove constraints in the healthcare sector by increasing the performance and efficiency of doctors and physicians in their operations. Using recommendations from IoT technologies, doctors and physicians have the expertise to give appropriate drugs and administer them to their patients with precision remotely.

Opportunities for accessible IoT are also in the education sectors, smarter cities, and homes where the elderly get support.