An IoT ecosystem is a structured network of interdepended technologies built to achieve a desired result over the internet. This technology relies heavily on the internet to interconnect devices with sensors and actuators to an ecosystem that collects data and passes it to the IoT network to an analytic platform to aggregate the data into useable formats. But what impact do the IoT ecosystem and the law of the jungle have over our lives?

It is not easy to understand the building blocks of the IoT ecosystem but its architecture is the following simple components:

  1. Sensors and Actuators in the IoT device

Sensors are tools that detect and capture data to relay it to the IoT platform via a gateway that acts as a communication bridge in the system. Some Sensors measure different ecosystem parameters such as motion, pulses, humidity and temperature, pressure, and molecular particulars. Actuators are devices such as motors, switches, and valves that act on detected items by the sensors. Connectivity is by attaching the sensors and actuators to devices with network adaptors capable of connecting to the internet via the LAN, mobile, and Wi-Fi

  1. Smart device Application

Application is a program in the device with the capacity to process logical data in the network captured like pulses, motion, vibrations, light, etc. Sensors and Actuators rely on a running application to relay correct messages.

  1. Network in IoT ecosystem

A network is needed to link the devices to the IoT platform providers in the cloud. The type of connection could be Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular means. These network types are reliable service providers; like a cellular network gives different options of bandwidth devices can link up to in the form of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks.

  1. Data analytics in the IoT ecosystem

IoT platform uses data analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence to aggregate data for valuable products. It is a layer in the ecosystem that treats collected and stored raw data.

Security in the IoT ecosystem

IoT ecosystem has security features such as; encryption, certificates, PKI, MFA, and public-key cryptography installed in the devices, the gateway to the cloud, and the cloud platform.

IoT ecosystem and the law of the jungle consider insecurities such as data breaches and losses experienced at different stages IoT adoption prompted regulatory bodies to form laws to counter these challenges. Some laws that regulate data privacy include IoT cyber security like CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act) which will cushion the IoT ecosystem from potential threats and known and unknown attacks. Another important jungle law is IoT privacy which supports GDPR in protecting sensitive and personal data in cloud platforms.