Daybreak Education Series: Secure IoT — The Challenge of Securing Your IoT Devices

Daybreak Education Series event Secure IoT with Ron Ih of Kyrio and Xavier Bignalet from MicroChip

DVmobile’s Daybreak Education Series events are intended to build community and foster innovation among Colorado technology professionals. 

On August 28th, DVmobile and our special guest speakers Ron Ih, Director of Business Development at Kyrio Security Services, and Xavier Bignalet, Security Product Marketing Manager at Microchip Technology, addressed current challenges in IoT device security, as well as the next generation of Secure IoT provisioning and management using chip-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

Smart, connected devices represent a huge opportunity — potentially delivering $519-$685 billion in value-added revenue within the global manufacturing industry by 2020 — yet they are largely unregulated or unmanaged and expose huge security vulnerabilities and product risks.

If you are currently developing or purchasing and deploying large numbers of IoT products and services, these presentations will inform you and give insights into steps to tame “the wild, wild west” of IoT.

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Lauren Kenney

Digital Alchemist at DVmobile, hot salsa lover, and automation expert.