“DVmobile has been more than a vendor. They have been a true partner in helping make our mobile solution a success. I highly recommend them as a solution partner.”

— Sean Thompson, CEO, Nuiku

Partner. Design. Execute. Deliver.


DVmobile is a software company based in Denver, Colorado with extensive user experience, design and development expertise in IoT, mobile, web, cloud, location, e-commerce and enterprise integration technologies. We partner with our clients to build and implement innovative, cost-effective enterprise solutions that enable them to get to market faster, create stronger relationships with their customers and differentiate from the competition.  

We build software solutions to improve the quality of life for our clients and their customers.

  • We work to build TRUST - through our core values:

    • Integrity

    • Teamwork

    • Communication

    • Quality of Life

    • Trust

  • We respect people as individuals; we value interaction with individuals and teams.  We are results oriented and believe we reap what we sow.  Principles we value include:

    • Value Driven Innovation

    • Thinking Outside the Box

    • Work-Life Balance

    • Smart + Practical

    • Holistic perspective.  Discerning the forest from the trees.

    • Maximize value for dollars spent – Through LEAN methods, we discover true business value

  • We are LIAISONS from Concept to Reality


Find out how your business can Level Up with DVmobile.

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Perry Nelson
COO, VP of Delivery

Shawn Davison
CEO, Founder

James Shelby


We are innovators and leaders in IoT-mobile-cloud-enterprise systems integration.  Our CEO, Shawn Davison, has been instrumental in building six companies, three of which have been quite successful.  Two of them were venture capital (VC) backed firms, and they are now part of large public billion dollar companies.  Our CTO and COO are technology and business leaders, having lead and managed many large-scale systems development and deployment efforts. We understand what it takes to build a successful product, service and business.  The team at DVmobile is known for excellence in design, execution, and commitment to innovation that improves quality of life.

Global Team





Danny S  UX / UI / Design

Andrés C  UI / HTML / CSS / Design

Sumiyo A  Product Design / UX


Mobile / Internet-of-Things

Jon C  iOS / VR / Team Lead

Jonathan D  iOS / IoT Automation

Derek D  JS / Cordova / IoT Beacons

Federico T  iOS

Rodrigo S  iOS

Nahuel B  iOS

Vanina G  iOS / QA

Erik A  Android / Java / Lead

Pablo O  Android / Java

Jose F  Android

JM C  Android


James S  SaaS / DevOps / CI/CD / Architecture

John C  DevOps / AWS / CI/CD / Architecture

Jared C  Angular.js / Node.js / AWS / Docker

Jesse S  Angular.js / Node.js / Lead

Jon R  Angular.js / Node.js / MEAN Stack

Tyler L  Angular.js / Node.js / MEAN Stack

Kevin S  Angular.js / Node.js / MEAN Stack


Product SaaS / Service Development

Yuri G  Product Architecture / Rails / Lead

Matt J  iOS / Rails / Canvas

Jon W  ASP / .NET / C# / SQL / Analytics

Alexei M  C# / .NET / SQL / JavaScript

Facundo B  HTML / Rails

Roshan C  QA / Automation



Shawn D  Strategy / Executive Consulting

Perry N  Management Consulting

Lauren K  Marketing

Michael S  Marketing / Strategy

Dermot O  Sales / Partnerships

Steve S  Legal / Contracts

Tiffani M  Accounting

Our senior team has 170+ years of experience in software development.

DVmobile specializes in the state-of-the-market technologies that form the basis for today's most innovative enterprise solutions. We understand how to create bottom-line value and deliver operational capabilities that will make a difference for your business.  

Our technical excellence is a balance of proven experience in Design and product development; Enterprise Scale and Execution projects; and the adoption of the disruptive technologies, such as mobile, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT). 


internet of things

Proximity & Connected Ecosystems


Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Mobile Development

Exceptional User Experiences

Data Science

Capturing Data for Automation


Learn more about our own frameworks, DVblueprint and DVpush: