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Collective Goods, formerly Books are Fun, offers novelty products to customers through corporate book fairs and school display programs. Sales Reps visit more than 55,000 locations across the United States; setting up displays, fulfilling orders and collecting cash, check, and card payments. 

 Collective Goods helps schools and corporations raise money through fundraising opportunities, giving back to the communities it visits. It has been based in Louisville, CO since 1991.

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DVmobile partnered with Collective Goods to transition from cash and check transactions and paper tally sheets into Paypal and Card payments with a mobile app for iOS and Android, and a tablet Kiosk. DVmobile designed an Order Management System that integrates with Collective Goods' structure and allowed them to reach more people and bring their business to the mobile era. Both the mobile app and Kiosk have increased sales significantly.

DVmobile also helped with the transition from Books are Fun into Collective Goods by rebranding and redesigning the apps' UI and app store presence.


Collective Goods's customers can now also pay using their debit/credit cards or PayPal. The convenience of these payment methods is not only for customers, but for Collective Goods's system as well, as there is now full visibility of sales data (quantities, products, locations, order history). Orders and money are managed automatically instead of manually, and they are traceable in case of errors.

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Key features:

  • Display Catalog is tied to a location.
  • Offers traditional payment methods along with card or PayPal. 
  • Users can swipe, scan or manually enter their card information
  • Reminders let users know if a sale event is coming, ending, to deliver cash/check or when an order is delivered.

The mobile version shares the same main features as the kiosk (catalog, different payment methods, etc.) but adds a few more for a personal UX, such as a personal profile and purchase history.

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Technical features:

  • Custom iOS and Android applications, mobile and Kiosk versions.
  • Full commerce capabilities, like catalog, payment, etc.
  • PayPal SDK integration, including Swipe for Kiosk.
  • SDK integration for scanning credit cards.
  • Digital Order System in the cloud.

Design Process

At DVmobile, we focus strongly on the initial 15% of the project - the most critical insights and decisions happen here. Understanding our Client's needs, customers and structure is the first step.

(When the project started, the company was named Books are Fun).

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1. Understanding the ecosystem and the positioning of the order processing elements.


2. Conceptual flow diagrams and Wireframes.


3. UI mockups that add branding and color, the flow and features are refined.


4. Design Guidelines and Slicing of graphical assets for development.


Get the Collective Goods official app for iOS and Android:

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This product was built using Amazon Web Services.

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DVmobile is a Colorado Company.

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