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How Do We Engage?

Whether it's tailoring our proven enterprise solutions or designing custom software, we deliver capabilities that transform, grow and fit your business. Our success is based, in part, on an approach that leverages three complementary components: Design, Technology, and Frameworks. We employ industry-leading software design methodologies, coupled with deep knowledge of cloud and mobile technologies plus pre-built, reusable frameworks that accelerate application development. 

end-to-end agile product strategy

1) Inception

We put immense focus on the first 15% of the process, our Inception phase, knowing that key business insights and the decisions made early on determine the success of the project.

Typical Inception Activities and Deliverables:

  1. Requirements gathering, initial meetings
  2. Understand the users, with Empathic Design methods
  3. Identify system aspects and architecture requirements
  4. Early user experience (UX) creation, wireframes, mockups
  5. Research, Technology Assessment & deployment options
  6. Defining initial user stories for agile sprint-based execution
  7. Optionally prototyping risk areas




Visit our Design Portal to learn more about our process and awesome UX/UI skills.

2) Construction

The Construction phase is iterative, highly collaborative and learning-oriented. Our Core Team moves through the whole cycle, ensuring the original context and business objectives end up in the final solution.


Check out our Engineering Portal to read more about our DevOps, LEAN, and Agile principles & methods.

3) Transition

After the application is designed, developed, and ready to go, we thoughtfully move through the Transition phase. The solution is deployed to the market, and our client is set up to measure, support and maintain the solution for the long-term.

Learn more about our Methodology, our process differentiators, & the origins of our deep expert knowledge: