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Fort Collins is a city in northern Colorado. Its demographics, economy, and transportation are directly impacted by its agriculture and service industry, its closeness to ecotourism attractions, and the Colorado State University. 

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The City's Department of Transportation conducts citizen transportation surveys to evaluate the current state of transportation and to design public policy for its future. These surveys are managed by National Research Center Inc. (NRC).

DVmobile designed a mobile app version of this survey for iOS and Android devices, as the first step into transforming transportation surveys from paper to digital.

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DVmobile's Smart Survey platform was tailored to the specific context and requirements of the transportation surveys that the City of Fort Collins has carried out for several years, making sure that the new solution provides data that correlates to previous paper surveys and allows to continue modeling trends and projections. 


As with our other Smart Surveys, the solution for Fort Collins includes the key features that make it so unique and valuable for transportation planners:

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  • Auto-detect of trip start (GPS location and time).
  • Notification reminders for important dates (survey start, submission deadline, etc.)
  • User Interface was designed for a broad range of users, to ease the process of logging trips, and to simplify a complex survey.
  • Optimization of data collected for a more efficient analysis.


The results for the first mobile app-based survey carried out by the City are being currently processed. A detailed public report of such results is in the making. We are excited to have contributed to transportation plans that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of Fort Collins.

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Smart Surveys are Colorado Designed software.

DVmobile is a Colorado Company™.

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