City of Boulder Smart Survey

The City of Boulder, Colorado, Department of Transportation conducts citizen transportation surveys. These surveys are managed by National Research Center Inc. (NRC).

DVmobile designed a mobile app version of the survey for iOS and Android devices, as the first step into transforming transportation surveys from paper to digital.

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As part of the study and request by the client, paper surveys coexisted with the mobile app. This same survey has been done since 1991 with paper; the data collected would have to match all previous records to preserve the relevance of the study. The app was divided in sections:

transportation modes

• Pre-survey: profiling questions such as gender, age and vehicle owned.

• Travel Diary: list of trips that the user logs during one day.

• Confirmation: users complete all the information for each trip.

• Post-survey: final questions related to the Diary day.

• Submit.

Logging Trips

The most important section of the survey was the Travel Diary, where users had to register their transportation behaviorby logging all the trips they do in a given day.

Trips are listed chronologically and show information such as time, purpose, method and distance, which can be described in detail.

This information is most valuable to the City planners. Capturing it in an easy and convenient way was key to the success of the survey. 

survey ux
bus mode
car mode
bicycle bike mode

Key features:

  • Auto-detect of trip start (GPS location and time).
  • Notification reminders for important dates (survey start, submission deadline, etc.).
  • Optimization of data collected for a more efficient analysis.
  • Authentication of randomly selected participants through a unique code. 
  • User Interface was designed for a broad range of users, to ease the process of logging trips, and to simplify a complex survey.

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