HIPAA Compliance Software Dev

Organizations that offer healthcare services to their customer rely on apps that will execute tasks as programmed. However, HIPAA rules apply to protect sensitive information of patients and the services rendered to them. But what is HIPAA Compliance Software dev? Read More

Google Cloud Healthcare API

Google cloud healthcare API is a robust package of Google cloud technology with the capability to collect and store medical information on a patient for future digestion. It uses artificial intelligence engines and analytics features integrated into medical systems to effectively Read More

Empathic Design and its Value

Empathic design and its value is the creation of businesses and solutions that focus on the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and senses of people. Empathy in design drives us to understand and share the feelings of others differently from our own experiences. It Read More

Continuous Improvement in Digital Innovation

Manufacturing companies are struggling to experience enormous benefits in digital innovation because they do not want to invest in modern digital tools. They expect increased business marketing success in social media platforms and network connections without digital transformation. Continuous improvement Read More

Integrated Payment Gateways

Any smart financial ecosystem allows merchants to do business online using real-time integrated payment gateways. Technology has modernized our life with online platforms built with capabilities to secure processing and enable us to save time traveling to market centers. Today Read More

5 Best Practices for Successful Chatbots

The evolution of technology is causing artificial intelligence to replace analog means of doing business as bots drive sales, marketing, and customer support communication. A chatbot is an AI application that simulates human speeches and interacts with people virtually to Read More