DVmobile builds custom tailored eCommerce solutions, including iPad and tablet-based Point-of-Sale (POS) Kiosks.

Online purchasing and e-commerce has become a part of everyday life.  The question is not whether you do it, it’s now about making the experience easy, convenient and sticky—compelling your customers to come back and purchase again.

Meet your customers where they are

Consumers are using traditional computers (desktops and laptops) less and less.  Millennials live on their mobile devices, and many don’t even have a computer.  This means mobile phones and tablets are the primary interface for consumers today.

Kiosks have also changed.  Traditional Kiosks were big bulky stationary pieces of furniture with a desktop computer under the covers.  The new Kiosk is a mobile tablet device, with a sleek stand or security cable.  This makes Kiosks more appealing and convenient than ever before.

When does a Mobile Kiosk make sense?

When you want the consumer to make a purchase right NOW right HERE!  It is the closest experience to a traditional Point of Sale (POS) experience that you might get at a large retail store, without all of the expense and complexity of a POS system.


DVmobile has developed a significant set of reusable assets in the area of e-Commerce tools, payment integrations, and frameworks.  Features include:

  • Product Catalog integration and display
  • Shop cart integration and customization
  • Currently supported payment types include: 
    • Credit Card (swipe, card.io, manual entry)
    • PayPal
    • Check and Cash (depending on business model and collection process)
  • Offline Catalog display and selection
  • Real-time usage reporting and monitoring


  • Consumer experience can be streamlined & simplified
  • Resulting in a Catalog presentation that engages consumers
  • Enables a responsive and reliable user experience
  • Reps are empowered to do more sales in less time with less effort
  • Provides more visibility (sales patterns, locations, payment methods, etc.)

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