Your Technology might be “legacy” if?

How will you know that your systems are legacy? Your technology might be legacy if you run on obsolete platforms. Unfortunately, legacy technology still runs in most firms and organizations, from unsecured websites to operating systems such as Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Read More

The what and why of Serverless Computing

What and why of serverless computing Unlike cloud computing where clients run applications on automated platforms and manage their own infrastructure, serverless computing architecture (middleware) allows payment for the service only when you need it. While you pay for the Read More

The Apple Watch Evolution

Like any new product, the apple watch didn’t blow up the market at first, though with granular modifications and the addition of new Smart technologies, today it is one of the best-selling gadgets in the world. It has Smart functions Read More

Smarter Analytics for Smart Cities

Cities have failed to provide their citizens with quality transport, social, education, and health services. These inefficiencies of service delivery are attributed to bad decisions in management by the leaders, prompting the need to use smarter analytics for smart cities using IoT Read More