Migrating to the Cloud: Make Big Moves

Enterprise IT leaders are under constant pressure to evolve quickly. Competitors harnessing disruptive technologies can rapidly out-pace and out-scale existing monolithic business models. This challenge is compounded by the need to preserve and maintain current functionality and business process requirements.

Migrating operations to the Cloud enables organizations to act and react quickly and iteratively to changing environments or moving goalposts, keeping you toe-to-toe with new acceleration of change in your industry. Taking advantage of public Cloud infrastructure services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) can also save your IT team resources time and money.


DVmobile begins every IT modernization project with a technology and Cloud migration assessment. We identify risk areas, as well as quick-wins, and work with our client's requirements to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We implement quickly and test rigorously. Based on automated app migration testing and user feedback, we push iterative improvements. Expanding on small successes is the most efficient way to create scalable solutions and deliver value.


Leveraging a clear, proven framework such as DVblueprint minimizes the complexities and challenges that come with a large-scale digital transformation project. 

Our team unites DevOps principles with LEAN/Agile methodologies to enable continuous improvement and competitive advantage.  


Huge Cost Savings

Moving legacy applications into the Cloud represent a huge cost reduction by decreasing management requirements and overhead

Agility & Performance

Cloud, containerization, & microservices deliver rapid improvement & real-time information

Security First!

Migration to the Cloud improves organizational security and minimizes overall risk such as (e.g. downtime, scalability)

Learn More about Our DVblueprint methodology

We've developed a proven framework app-to-Cloud migration. We are app and Google apps migration experts. Read more about how we leverage past successes to support our partners.