DVmobile Frameworks are open, reusable building blocks.

DVblueprint design patterns

DVblueprint Framework

DVblueprint provides reusable building blocks (modules), for both servers and native clients. It is designed to be deployed on highly scalable cloud infrastructure, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It can be readily customized to your business.

DVblueprint is modular; its Service Design Patterns with working code deploy quickly, accelerate development and speed-to-market, and reduce costs.


Dynamic Data Syncing
- Enables ALL clients to be up-to-date and in sync all the time
- Reduces Network requests
- Enables real-time features and group Collaboration

Large Object Storage
- Securely Upload and Download Large Documents
- Unlimited storage in the cloud
- Drag-n-Drop upload for Web clients
- Signed URL access - data is only available as long as needed, and access can be revoked

- Standards-based
- Reusable for almost every project

Push Notifications
- Integrates seamlessly with DVpush!
- Supports aggregated delivery based on email or other user ID.
- Multiple devices can be registered per user

Integrated Billing & Payment
- Integrates with Braintree and PayPal payment solutions
- Supports Monthly subscriptions (SaaS friendly)
- Supports One-time purchases

Rich HTML Emails
- Increases user interaction
- Template driven
- Integrates with 3rd party email services

DVpush apple android push notifications

DVpush Framework

Finally, a private Push Server ready out of the box. Push Notifications are the cornerstone for creating unique and intimate contact with mobile users. The notice comes from the server and is crafted content to entice your users to engage with your product or service.  DVpush integrates with Apple's Push Notification service (APNs) and Google's new Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), in addition to Google's Cloud Messaging (GCM) service to reach anyone who has a smart phone, anywhere, anytime. 


Targeted Broadcast Notifications
- Send messages to all devices across all platforms or a specific platform, version, email, or list.

Administrative Web Portal
- Authenticated Access to interact with your applications
- Send Broadcast or Target Push Notifications
- Configure multiple application environments
- View Device Analytics for the application 

push notifications

Easy Integration with iOS & Android
- Implemented as a REST Service + native Client plugins
- Framework will register device with DVpush service
- Will associate an email address to one or more devices
- Can retrieve a history list of notifications sent to this device or email address
- Read, Unread a nd delete messages from message history inbox